Rant #1

It’s a bright sunny day somewhere in the world, and while we were all happy about Jallikattu staying banned in Tamil Nadu, our capital woke up this morning up to dense, lynching smog. Flights were delayed, visibility was low, we just increased a non-smoker’s chance of getting lung cancer; but we’re all happy because today isn’t a dry day and the past has been forgotten. Mother Nature’s wrath last December has been consigned to oblivion.

1250 kilometers away, in a city called Mumbai, the Andheri RTO has handed out licenses to drive autos to 548 women. There are going to be autos “for women, of women, by women!” Till I read this, I had always assumed that autos were FOR women too. Was I not supposed to go and get fleeced by using autos driven by men? Oh woman, I feel stupid now.

They have 1,316 permits left to give away

out of

35,628 that Mumbai won out of the lottery.

“The women have won through a 5% reservation system,”

said the state’s transport minister. Firstly, a 5% reservation system cannot be termed a win by any standards. Secondly, I can forgive pink autos after scooping my eyes out; but saffron? At least be subtle.

Why do I care about what’s happening in Mumbai? For the simple reason that, it’s only a matter of time before Tamil Nadu and Chennai soon follow suit; ergo Pink/Green/Red and Black striped autos.

Meanwhile, there is a 22 year old single mother (no,she wasn’t raped; her husband passed away) auto driver called Yellamma. She drives a regular rented yellow and black rickshaw so that she can financially support her young child and herself, while preparing for her PUC exams after which she intends on clearing her I.A.S. exams; go figure.


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